Working remotely can turn small frustrations into paralysing dysfunction.

Get ready for remote work to boost your team's performance.

Discuss the things your colleagues are avoiding.

Video conferencing, online collaboration tools and new project management methodologies are the first things people jump to when they think about preparing for remote work. But the truth is they don't matter all that much. They won't make the difference between success and failure.

Productive remote work is possible with snail mail, pen and paper and a simple list of tasks. Telephones, and then faxes, email and the web provided giant leaps. Newer tools and techniques certainly help, but they won't help if you're not on top of the basics.

Switching to remote always brings new challenges. Everyone reacts in their own way, it can be a struggle keeping up with how they're coping, and many will be reluctant to tell you how they're really feeling. No one wants to risk losing the flexibility that remote work brings.

But with RemoteResilience providing insights, you'll see where everyone is at, understand what the biggest frustrations are and know exactly which action you need to take next.

Remote work happens more smoothly with insights from RemoteResilience.