We want smaller teams to start gaining from our insights without consulting fees.

Start having the conversations you should be having... without paying for a consultant to start them. You shouldn't need to hire a consultant to ask the questions that need answering. 

The people behind RemoteReadiness have been round the block… 

We’ve all run companies as founders, managing directors or senior managers. 

We’ve worked in media, research, and design. 

We’ve worked for big companies and small companies. 

We have experienced the highs and the lows, the pressures and the pleasures of work. And we are bound by our desire to help people, and make work better. 

Steve Stark founded Then Somehow in 2014, building on his experience at productivity consultancy People Who Do, helping everyone from Nokia to Channel 4 become more productive. 

Realising this was a small part of a much bigger picture, Steve established Then Somehow to design practical ways to change things in the way people and organisations work. Small things, big things, connected things. 

Five years later Steve teamed up with Jonathan Markwell and Nigel Berman. Jon and Nigel bring decades of experience of building online tools for thousands of businesses and consumers. Together they're on a mission to give individuals and smaller organisations access to Then Somehow's insights.